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Michael will work to ensure a district that educates our children, cares for our elders, and provides a safe, healthy and prosperous community for all of us.

Michael McCord has been a resident of Greenville County for twelve years and is currently residing in Taylors with his spouse where they are raising their six-year-old son.

He is a small business owner with an insurance office located near the Pelham area of Greenville. He is deeply involved in the Democratic party, and has been for years, serving as an executive committee member of the Greenville Democratic Party. He has also assisted in campaigning with many Democrat nominees in Greenville County.

Along with serving as a Greenville Democratic Party member, he has served on several Board of Directors, the most recent being SC Equality, pushing as a fierce advocate for equality for all men and women.

With those experiences, Michael believes in a family first mentality and a push for progressive agendas, making him an ideal candidate to serve as the SC Senate District 5.

He is a pragmatist that will reach across the aisle to make sure bills are passed to better all of Greenville and Spartanburg County.

With this campaign, the goal is to bring a balanced and younger perspective to keep Greenville, and surrounding areas, growing and prosperous.

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